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Lately I've been doing a lot of things. Here are some of them:

Thinking about... the next step in our lives. We have a lot of options, all of them good and exciting, but sometimes I just wish there was one blatantly obvious choice. When is there ever though, right? I guess that is what keeps life interesting.

Listening to... the sound of Evie crying, grunting, or squeaking. She makes the cutest squeaks.

Cooking...a lot more than I'm used to. Now that I have "wifely duties", I've been channelling my inner chef and trying to have some kind of dinner other than pb&j or frozen pizza ready each night for my sweet, hard working man. Its easier said than done with a baby who won't let me put her down long enough to boil a pot of water...but I'm getting the hang of doing everything one handed.
Its actually been really fun to try new recipes and experiment. Recently I've gone off all gluten and dairy because something was upsetting E's little tummy and causing (I think) mild allergic reactions. Thats the only down-side to breastfeeding- what you eat, they eat. So that has made cooking a little tricky, but still do-able. I'm making this tonight:

recipe here

Inspired by... Antlers.

Rustic Bedroom

minimalist home

Rustic Boho
I really like the "antler trend". It's everywhere, I know, but I think it adds a unique, outdoorsy feel to a room. Do I own a pair of antlers? No, but I'm intent on scouring the nearest forest until I find some.

Reading... Fresh Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson. Its a book designed to help you appreciate every aspect of life, AND its about coffee. Need I say more? I'm also in the middle of reading Anna Karenina and East of Eden. Both of which were overdue at the library, so I may never know how they end. I have a bad habit of starting ridiculously long books and never finishing them.


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