Simply Liv: 7 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for New Moms + A STITCH FIX GIVEAWAY


7 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for New Moms + A STITCH FIX GIVEAWAY

Happy May everyone! There's something about saying "it's May 1st" that brightens up my mood. May just feels like a happy month...let's hope it lives up to my high expectations ;)

It has been one crazy week over at the Youngs' house. AJ has been working harder than I've ever seen him work (which is saying something, since he is the hardest working man I know) on our new house to get it live-able before we move in. Our goal is to be in by Monday, so I'm hoping and praying that all goes smoothly! I CAN'T WAIT to share some "after" photos with you all. Just redoing the floors and painting the walls with fresh coats of grey (my weakness...) and off white, has already turned it into my dream home. I'm in love. Now I just want to live in it.

But for today, in honor of the month's big holiday, I want to share a few gift ideas for new mamas, or any age of mama for that matter, that I'm sure they'll love. (Yes, Mother's day is the 10th. You're welcome.) Don't just go with flowers and a store bought card, people. This is the woman who brought life (maybe your life) into the world. Put a little thought into it- or just use one of my ideas and say you thought of it on your own. You're welcome again.

I'm also super excited to be doing my first giveaway! I'm giving away $20 to Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service that delivers 5 handpicked items of clothing right to your door as often as you want! Sounds pretty amazing right? I just received my first "fix" this week actually and I'm so glad I signed up with them (I'll be sharing about my first fix later this week). It's like Christmas in May. They use your Pinterest boards and a detailed style questionnaire to pick the perfect pieces to send you, and if you don't like what they send, you just mail it back and tell them what you'd like them to do differently. The styling fee is $20 and you can pick what you buy or don't buy once your fix comes (and the $20 is deducted from whatever you buy), so basically, if you win you get your first month free! Read below for details on how to enter. Good luck! I'll be announcing the winner on Friday the 8th and contacting them directly.  

 1. Alone Time. Sometimes all a mama wants it to be with no one except herself. No one pulling on her clothes or yelling or asking for food (husband or child...those are all appropriate examples...). Just tell her you'll watch the kids for a day so she can go do whatever the heck she wants. She'll love it.

2. Relaxation. This one doesn't have to be pricey, but it can be if you want to go all out. Pay for a pedicure or facial, or better yet a massage. Know a pregnant mama? Get her a prenatal massage. I guarantee she needs it.

3. A meal. Offer to cook her a meal one night. Cook for the whole family, or just her, either way it will be a treat. You can even take her out to dinner for some one on one time, if your wallet allows.

4. A gift card to somewhere with lots of caffeine. Because she's a mom, that's why.

5. Something handmade. Even if you're not crafty per se, you can still make something she will love. Print off some photos of her and her kid(s), or you and her, frame it with something pretty, wrap it, and write a note about how she is the best thing you've ever met. Moms love the mushy gushy stuff. Moms also love mason jars and candles- you can make her one with this tutorial.

6. If you have to go the flowers and a card route at least hand make the card ;) Or do something a little more non-traditional like this mini succulent gift box, and a handmade card.

7. Breakfast in bed. If you live with her. If not, that could get a little weird. It's an oldie, but a goodie. Also, sorry to my mom who endured many (probably too many) years of the same breakfast in bed because we weren't creative enough to think of anything new....if that's you, try something different this year!

And now for the giveaway!

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Ashley H. said...

I just got my first stitch fix also! Great Mother's Day ideas :)

Corinne Watson said...

I live in a different state than my mom, but I have a card and flowers arranged to go to her :)

Anonymous said...

I bought my Mom a Stitch Fix gift card to share in the fun!

Denise Morse said...

I paid her rent this month, she got laid off and is having trouble making ends meet

Carlene G. said...

It's ballet recital day! So that'll be my WHOLE weekend!

Carlene G. said...

It's ballet recital day! So that'll be my WHOLE weekend!

Carlene G. said...

It's ballet recital weekend, so that's my whole Thurs-Sun!

KBecks33 said...

I have received two stitch fixes and I love it. I have only kept one item per box, but they are getting better. I would love for my mom to get it as well, hopefully soon they will carry plus sized fashions.

KBecks33 said...

I wish Stitch fix came in plus sizes for my mother.

Becky said...

Unfortunately, I won't see my mom this Mother's Day, but I sent her a card and will talk to her on the phone!

Hope Prater said...

Woohoo! I've been wanting to try Stick Fix :-)

Jen said...

Mom gets cards from me and my daughters, too. We hope to visit her soon!

julie @ a hopeful hood said...

We fixed up our house, too! Except we were already living there....but the only room that was finished was the bathroom and the bedroom! The rest of the house was falling apart, but now it's so fun to look back on pictures of the craziness! (Like when we tore down walls and hadn't rebuilt them yet.......)

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