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Happy almost weekend! I hope you've all had a wonderful first week of March. 

Today I thought it would be fun to do a little post on what all three of us have been up to lately. Life has been so crazy lately and it's easy to get lost in the "big" details (one of which I'll be sharing with you all next week, I hope!) or the "important" things like making enough money, keeping up appearances...

But the reality is that life happens in the small details, like what you're eating for dinner, or deciding to spend your extra 10 minutes of free time reading Evie's favorite book for the 102943th time.

So in honor of the simple, small moments, here is a little bit of what those times look like at our house.

Currently we are:


I've been obsessed with making sushi lately. Ask AJ. Since I learned how to roll my own sushi a few weeks ago, I've probably made it 10-ish's that easy. And my cravings are that intense.
I've also been making lots of things with rice pasta, like this creamy avocado pasta. SO good.

AJ shot a deer a few months ago, and so another more challenging thing has been learning to cook with venison. So far so good though!


 - Evie: Right now she LOVES anything with animals, and funny noises. For about a month she would ask us to read "Klopp klopp" to her (meaning Dr. Suess' Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?). Her other favorite books (that I'm actually really in love with too) are the Baby Lit books. They are baby versions of classic books like Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, Alice in Wonderland and The Secret Garden. Evie loves Romeo and Juliet because she thinks that one of the monks in it is Uncle Jess ;)

-AJ: He has gotten really into primitive archery- if you're like me, I had no idea what that even meant until he explained it to me. He is reading articles upon articles and has subscribed to a few magazines about crafting your own bows by hand and how to hunt more traditionally. I'm all for it!

-Me: As always, I'm in the middle of several books. Anna Karenina has been quite the undertaking, but I'm more than halfway done and the story is absolutely incredible. I also started The Book Thief just because I heard such good things about the movie. Any one have any more suggestions? I'm always open to starting a third ;) I'm also very, very in love with Darling Magazine and have read the issue I have a few times over and can't wait to get the new one! If you're into "the art of being a woman" I HIGHLY recommend checking it out.

{Doing} :

AJ has become quite the brew master. He just brewed his third batch of beer, and even though I can't have any right now, I've heard from everyone who's tried it that its better than anything they can buy from a store. He is excited to keep experimenting and learning about home-brewed beer.

We have also been enjoying the few warm days we've had recently by going to the park and going on walks. The weather this weekend is supposed to get into the high sixties! So expect to see some fun photos of our outside adventures popping up soon. 

She LOVES to be outside.

And just to brag about my awesome husband a little bit...

This beauty showed up in our garage one night. AJ told me he found a "table saw" for sale on Craig's List and needed 4 guys to help him move it (yes...I'm that gullible). My dad told me to act excited because "AJ is really stoked about his new saw". 

No need to act excited, Dad. I was SO surprised. I've been wanting a piano ever since I can remember and have missed playing so much. I can foresee many fun days of teaching my girls how to play and re-teaching myself many of the things I've forgotten over the years I haven't been playing as much. 

Thanks, Love. You made my entire year.

I think that's about it for current events at the Youngs' household. Happy weekend and stay lovely, friends. :)




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